Dedicated servers

We aim to offer dedicated servers that are ideal for hosting high-traffic websites as well as streaming audio and video content.

Virtual Private Servers

We plan to provide VPS packages that can be customized based on the required processing power, RAM, and hard drive space.

DNS Hosting

We envision offering hosting services that come with an array of features, including extensions for SQL, PHP, JavaScript, .NET, and more.


We strive to provide our customers with round-the-clock access to their collocated equipment, as well as technical support via email or phone.

We Are Networked Creativity

Networked Creativity will provide its customers with unparalleled freedom of choice by offering a wide range of platforms and control panels. Our cutting-edge technology and modern infrastructure, which incorporates CISCO equipment, will be at the heart of all our services, including shared hosting, dedicated servers, and colocation services. Our specialized technical personnel, who possess extensive experience in hosting and networking services, will ensure that our customers receive top-notch service.

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About us

Innovation and cutting-edge technology drive us.

Networked Creativity plans to offer hosting services to customers worldwide, with a focus on emerging businesses.

Our modern infrastructure and skilled technical team, based in the United States and Europe, will provide shared hosting, virtual hosting, dedicated hosting, and colocation services.

We aim to exceed industry standards and deliver cutting-edge solutions by partnering with leading manufacturers of hardware and software.

About us

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