Dedicated Servers from Networked Creativity

This is a hosting service through which a client has access to a dedicated server that is not used by anyone else besides him. This is an alternative to purchasing your own IT infrastructure. The hosting of our customers’ equipment is safe, in a secure and scalable environment.
This dedicated service is suited for those who want a high availability of their physical server.
The server sizing is made according to the required technical resources: processor type, storage space, RAM, guaranteed bandwidth.

Dedicated servers are best suited for:

  • Large sites with high traffic
  • News sites
  • Online communities
  • Websites with lots of dynamic content
  • E-commerce websites with more than 10k products
  • Mobile applications
  • File-sharing
  • Video streaming websites
  • Websites that require high performance
  • Complex applications (like websites that promote your business and use data bases)

Our upcoming services at Networked Creativity will provide customers with a range of benefits, including:

  • Cost efficiency considering the economy made with electrical power, cooling, fire systems and security access.
  • A dedicated server just for you, which is not shared with anyone else
  • Freedom to be in control of your own server
  • High performance, enhanced security, reliability for email services, full remote control
  • Choosing the preferred hardware and operating system
  • Fixed subscription for the resources you reserved, with no initial investment required
  • Dedicated sales team