Virtual Private Servers from Networked Creativity

Our customers and partners chose our VPS solution because they wanted their data to be as safe as possible, easily accessible and always available. Our biggest advantage is that our services have always adapted to customer needs so they can fit perfectly to their requirements while helping the company to reach a sustained growth.
From a technical point of view, a VPS provides the perfect balance between shared hosting and dedicated servers. This is a physical hardware server divided into multiple independent virtual instances, thus creating multiple virtual servers.
A VPS is a server aimed for one customer only and it has the same processing resources, memory and storage as a physical server. It also benefits from a superior performance by using technologies that are mostly inaccessible to physical servers.
The hardware infrastructure is based on top-notch HP blade servers and storage HP fiber-channel. The virtualization infrastructure is based on the latest VMware technologies.
Our VPS packages can be configured depending on the processing power, the RAM and the hard drive space.

The main benefits of a virtual private server from Networked Creativity:

  • Each VPS has a set of guaranteed resources: CPU, RAM and hard drive space
  • Configuration changes such as upgrade or downgrade are made very easy and in no time
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • You’re in charge of the content management
  • The client has access to resources such as CD/DVD and can control when to start, stop or restart the server using a dedicated software
  • You oversee the installation of licenses for the necessary software
  • A VPS server can be delivered with Linux OS
  • The service is secure and flexible
  • 99.9% SLA guaranteed
  • We can allocate additional IPs on demand
  • Access to our technical support 24/7 for maintenance, assistance, change management and event management
  • Ticketing system available for tracking errors