When the success of a business depends greatly on online communication, it’s vital for any company to have the most effective communication tools on the market. Through scalable architectures and technologies, Networked Creativity services provide our partners with top-notch connections with high speeds and completely secure.
With the help of our Colocation services, our customers have optimized the costs and saved time otherwise spend with the arrangement of a colocation space with expensive power supplies, cooling, fire and security access.
Even more, Networked Creativity colocation services ensures the interconnectivity of colocation equipment with other clients or providers in the same data center and the guaranteed bandwidth for the collocated equipment.
Our customers receive 24/7 access to both their collocated equipment and technical support by email or phone. Our monitoring and backup systems for all equipment guarantee that our colocation services are the safest choices for protecting your critical data.

Dedicated servers are best suited for:



Instead of purchasing new equipment or hiring a new employee to develop their business, our customer can simply call our team and request an upgrade.



If you have to move the headquarter, go through a power outage or a natural disaster occurs, you won’t have to worry about data or service availability.



We maintain the servers in a controlled climate with high speed bandwidth and excellent redundancy for network connections. You don’t have to pay to buy and maintain such infrastructure in your own offices so your IT team can focus on other important business operations.



We host all servers in a secure environment where all the safety measures are considered, including closed circuit cameras, secure sites, access codes, alarms and more.